Computer Repair with Fast Turnaround & Quality Repair Service Guaranteed!


 Does your PC feel sluggish when you perform demanding tasks? You may be able to solve that problem with a component upgrade or two!

LCD Replacement

Our laptop screen repair services can replace broken laptop screens, cracked lcd panels, and repair broken notebook screens

Our local offices have expert technicians equipped with the knowledge and skills to meet all of your computer repair needs.  Making sure your computers and technology are in good health is vital.  Your technology needs must be in the hands of someone that you can trust.

ECC local experts diagnose technology issues associated with computers, laptops, servers, and networks.   Our experts will then provide solutions that are customized to your business and budget, because we understand that your business needs are unique.  We provide computer repair services professionally and efficiently so that your business is back up and running as quickly as possible.

ECC technicians are able to help resolve a variety of technology issues, ranging from the simple to the complex.