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Our aim is to offer outstanding service
to troubleshoot and repair your computer.

If you are looking to fix your computer, you can trust us to take care of all your needs.


Hard Drive Repair
Come by our store today to avoid losing valuable files and keep your computer up and running! When it comes to hard drive repairs, our plan of action typically includes:
Repairing or often replacing hard drives Recovering files from old hard drives to avoid losing data. Upgrading to a solid state drive (SSD) if you are interested in increased, longer lasting storage.
Screen Repair
A few common problems with your screen include:
Physical damage to the LCD or Glass
Damaged connector hardware
Problems with display drivers
Issues with the motherboard
If your computer has one of the above issues or any other problems related to a cracked screen, we’re here to help.
Motherboard Repair
Your motherboard is like the nervous system of your computer – the printed circuit board that connects its most important components together. Without it, these parts can’t communicate with each other. So if your motherboard is having problems, you can bet that your entire computer will as well. Never fear – ECC can help!
Mac Repair Services
Mac OS Repair & Reinstall
HD & SSD Repair
Keyboard Repair & Replacement Touchpad Repair & Replacement
Motherboard Repair & Replacement
Virus & Malware Removal
RAM Upgrade and Install
And much more!

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Hard Drive Upgrades

Between the pictures, music, movies, and games that we accumulate, sometimes it feels like our computers are bursting at the digital seams! If your computer is starting to give you warnings about “low disk space”, or if it just seems to be running much more slowly than usual, it’s probably time for a storage upgrade.

Operating System Upgrades

ECC can also upgrade your operating system to the newest available version, giving you access to brand-new features, apps, bug fixes, and more. Whether you’re running Windows, macOS (OS X), or even one of the many Linux distributions, our expert technicians are here to help.

Memory (RAM) Upgrades

Computer memory, also called RAM (Random Access Memory), helps your machine start quickly and run smoothly – especially with multiple programs open at once. If your applications are slow to load, or if running several programs makes your computer stall, a memory upgrade might be all you need.
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